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Friday 12th Dec, or, Friday I'm In Love

With the day, you understand, not with anyone in particularCollapse )

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've put one of these up. I really haven't had internet, but no excuses; mainly it's just typing/writing/general laziness. There'll be more soon, if I can get my fucking arse into gear, because I've realised that the pub has wireless internet I can steal. That's where I am now. Problem is, when I'm in the pub I tend to drink, and that just scuppers any blog-writing attempts. Still. Love you all SOMMOOCH. I'm also sorry for the longness and boringness of this entry, but I really loved this day and I kinda want to preserve it, in bloggy form, as well as I can. They'll be a lot shorter and less detailed from now on, partly because of time and partly because I can't really remember much any more. I hate being so far behind, it'll be a mission to catch up, but I will do ittt. Ok. Lovelove. xxxxx

Wednesday, or, Swings and Bushrats

This one's quite long and patchy but quite fun.Collapse )

(this was done quite quickly, so there probably will be additions when I remember all the stuff I’ve forgotten.)

Sunday, or, Bring on the Clowns

 There are some more little bits in here that I forgot before.

I sound a little bit sue-ish in this one, sorry.Collapse )

AN - I do realise that I'm coming across as a total vain whore recently; it's kind of slightly descended into a list of nice stuff people say about me, a bit. Sorry. I just....I'm not used to compliments, so I tend to remember them. I'm not a mary-sue, honestly. People just aren't used to massive purple-haired albinoes here.